Véronique Veston

Heritage architect, Responsible person of l’expertise patrimoine, agency AREP

Véronique is a heritage architect. She is responsible for AREP’s Heritage Expertise, which she sees as a development lever in an environmental strategy. She specializes in the heritage protection of large urban, rural and territorial complexes – a field she teaches at the École de Chaillot and develops through research – she brings her project skills in architecture and railway engineering to develop restoration methods and heritage knowledge tools. As a specialist in industrial heritage, she is interested in the development of a networked heritage, in series, and in the implementation of complex worksites.

Véronique 是一位遗产建筑师。她负责AREP的遗产专业,她将其视为环境战略中的发展杠杆。她的专长是大型城市、农村和区域综合体的遗产保护。她在夏约学校任教,并通过研究发展这一领域。她将自己在建筑和铁路工程方面的项目技能用于发展修复方法和遗产知识工具。作为工业遗产方面的专家,她对遗产网络的开发、系列遗产和复杂工地的实施感兴趣。

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